16 , 2021

Call for Expression of Interest to develop 2D Animated Video

Call for Expression of Interest to develop 2D Animated Video

Re-advertise on June 24, 2021

CZOP invites the eligible firm or individual to develop 3 minutes 2D video message (Public Service Announcement-PSA) on:

  1. School Enrollment Support (Including emergency) and way of alternative teaching during emergency PSA development visual and audio: alternative Teaching Criteria:
  2. The PSD in 2D version. (Audiences of the product are: Children, Parents, Teachers, people representatives at the local level and stakeholders)
  3. Subtitle sign language in the box is needed for a deaf audiences.
  4. The separate audio production must be developed from video with the same massage within 45 seconds with the same content.
  5. The message is in the Nepali language.
  6. The script must cover the mentioned issues

Interested individuals and firms are requested to submit their expression of interest- with following requirements:

  1. Financial Quotation
  2. Script covers on the mentioned three
  3. VAT and other legal documents: registration, renewal with DAO or company register office and Tax clearance certificate.
  4. CV of individuals

Interested individual or firm can drop their expression of interest with script not later than June 23, 2021Extended deadline for proposal submission is June 30, 2021. Those who applied earlier need not to apply.

Deliverables (revised)

Work Date
Selection 1 day
Orientation Same day
Script Final 1 day
First draft July 20, 2021
Feedback by CZOP July 22, 2021
Final Product Submission to CZOP July 25, 2021

Time line will finalize bilaterally as of extended.

Email: bharatee.czopfinance@gmail.com or czopp.central@gmail.com,

Sealed quotation are preferred.

About CZOP:

CZOP (Children as Zone of Peace National Campaign) starts in 2001 and made a loose coalition in 2003. This national campaign is a coalition of organizations working in the field of child rights (Children and Schools as Zones of Peace) including CSOs, INGOs. National Human Rights Commission and Unicef Nepal are observer members. Now CZOP has 47 member organizations.

It has emerged as a movement that advocates for the protection and promotion of children’s basic rights. during and after armed conflicts. This PSA is under the CZOP-PLAN-CEFM project.


Nepal’s CZOP campaign conceptualized and promoted the idea of children as a zone of peace as a general political agenda among political parties under child rights and child protection. The campaign is mainly to refrain children from engaging and associating in party-led political movements both armed and unarmed, and to have responsive interventions of support and relief from civil society to the victims/surviving children affected by conflict during the armed conflict period.

Please go to: https://czopnepal.org/news_post/call-for-expression-of-interest-to-develop-2d-animated-video

Date: First date of Publication: June 16, 2021,

Re-advertisement date: June 24, 2021, Second Extended deadline till July 2, 2021